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It’s 2018! Another amazing year that we have to learn and accomplish whatever we want. I know that many of you are trying to balance the amount of food you ate during the holidays with diets and detox and cleanse programmes. I do not overeat nor drink during the holidays, I just keep the same routine as usual, so I don’t feel that I need to balance or restart my eating routine. In today’s blog I am going to share some, frequently requested, easy meal ideas with you to get you back on track!


Breakfast: the most important meal of the day.

Overnight oats or quinoa with unsweetened almondmilk with cinnamon. You can use fresh fruits and/or dates to sweeten it with natural sugars.

Put the uncooked oats or cooked quinoa in a container and pour the milk in it to cover the oats/quinoa completely. Sprinkle some cinnamon and let it stay in the fridge overnight. In the morning you can add the fresh fruits or dates for the extra sweetness and vitamins.


Snack time: between breakfast and lunch

4 Rice crackers (I prefer organic) with organic peanut butter (the only ingredients must be peanuts and salt) and a sliced banana.


Lunch: get those proteins and carbs!

Veggie wraps are ideal for a quick lunch. Get some wraps at the supermarket and fill up it will all the veggies that you like. I love to make mine with avocado, fresh spinach, jalapeños and some sun-dried tomatoes. If I have homemade hummus or pesto I’ll add some. Experiment with the veggies and proteins you like and make your custom wrap.


Mid day snack: between lunch and dinner

If you crave something sweet I suggest you to eat some raisins combined with unsalted raw cashews or almonds. For savoury cravings I suggest some cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices and/or carrots. I usually combine this snack with a big glass of water or green tea.

Dinner: right and light

I like to eat light because sleeping with a full and heavy stomach is the worst feeling, so I usually end up making some creamy fresh vegetable soup.

Coconut, pumkin and sweet potato soup is my favorite because it’s cheap and easy to make.
Boil the diced pumpkin and sweet potatoes in water and add some vegetable broth to it. Boil until soft and put the pumpkin and potatoes in the blender with a cup of the broth you cooked them in. Add the Canned coconut milk (avoid the light versions) and blend until smooth and creamy. I love to add some turmeric powder and himalayan pink sea salt for extra taste.


After dinner I drink a big glass of water and call it a day!


I hope these ideas are helpful to get you back on track.

Much love,





Are You a Lion or a Gazelle in 2018

Happy New year and all the best for 2018.

My first post of the year I will share a little motivation I listen so often when I’m feeling down or not in the mood to do anything. I thought this would be a great moment to help you focus on the upcoming year. Leave all negative energy and thoughts in the past and work/ put your effort into things of the future. Those are the things we can still change.

This is why I want to share this video of the man himself; Eric Thomas.
Watch it and choose which one you want to be, The Gazelle or the Lion.

Gazelle vs Lion


Digest or be stressed

Now that I am travelling solo I have a lot of time to observe the people around me in the different food joints I visit. I’ve noticed that people in general -especially in the States- have the tendency to eat very fast. They rush through the day and do the same with their food. Instead of sitting down and enjoying a meal, they gobble it down as fast as possible to move on with their busy schedule. Hey, I know the hustle is real over here but it’s still very important to take a moment to sit down and eat your meal properly.

Eventhough it’s very important to be aware of what we eat, being aware of the how we consume our food is equally important. Conscious eating also means being present in the moment while eating a meal. We tend to underestimate the importance of chewing our food properly and to really focus on our food.

I’ll be honest with you; I catch myself looking on my phone a lot while I’m eating and that’s something I am still working on. The chewing part is something I have taught myself  by taking my time to chew my food properly. Nowadays I am usually the last one to finish my meal when I’m amongst people because I’ve noticed that my body really benefits from eating slowly and thoroughly. You need to give your brain the time to catch up with your body.

Benefits of slow eating:

  • Better digestion;
  • Greater satisfaction with your meal;
  • Better hydration;
  • You’ll eat less, which can help you lose weight;
  • Increases your feeling of fullnes.

Tips to eat slower:

  • At first try to focus as much as possible on your meal by creating a quiet atmosphere;
  • Put away your phone and turn the TV off;
  • Eat outside or where you have less (digital) distractions;
  • Put your fork/spoon down between bites and focus on your chewing;
  • If you’re eating in company of others, there is no shame in being quiet and taking a minute to concentrate on your meal;
  • Never drink while your eating; this slows down your digestion;
  • Try to count the times you chew until you feel it’s smooth enough to swallow. If you do it often enough it will become a habit and you’ll chew longer without even having to count (the amount depends on the food you’re eating).
I still put these tips to practice everyday since it’s sometimes difficult to just focus on your eating. But I truly believe that this is an ongoing process and it has helped me to maintain my weight and improved my metabolism.  If you keep doing it, it will eventually become more of a habit than a struggle.

Lots of love,


Nutritition Tips & Tricks

You Really Need To Eat Fat. Stop Being Afraid

Panic Alert! Make sure you are seated and have an AED next to you before you read this blog post.

We all have heard it before… Eating fat will make you fat, avoid fatty meals, fat is bad for you bladi bladi bla.. Well let me explain this to you.. You will not get fat by eating fat.. ok till a certain extent. If you eat fried food every day, not even a magician can help you… YOUR ASS WILL GROW, not on a good way though.. Excessive calories will make you fat.

Our Body Needs Fats to Function properly.

Fat plays a very important role in our body. Not only does it provide the greatest amount of energy for most of our life functions. It also helps us to stay warm, keeps our nerves and brains to function as needed. There are so many benefits of eating good source (mostly plant based) and animal fat.


Some benefits of fat:

  • Fat provides us with a huge source of energy.
    Each gram of fat contains 9 grams of calories while 1 gram of protein and carbs contains only 4 calories. Your body will store fats so it can use it as an energy source later when this is needed.


  • Fat provides flavor
    There is a reason that tasty meat in a restaurant have a good piece of fat on it. Not only helps the fat to keep the meat tender but it’s also give the meat a richer yummy taste. The marketing department of food companies are doing great job of marketing products as No – or Less Fat, but one thing most of us don’t know is that when they lower the fat that the taste also changes and that they have to put more sugar or other kind of sweetener to enrich the taste of the product.


  • Keeps our brain and nerves to function properly.
    Our brain contains a huge amount of essential fats. Also fats are part of Myelin, a fatty product that wrap around our nerves that send


  • Transport of vitamin A, D, E and K.
    Those vitamins need to be bound to fat in order for our bodies to absorb them. Fat “acts as a train and the only transportation vehicle these vitamins can take to reach their destination. these are essential vitamins and being deficient in any will punish your health.


  • Keeps you full.
    Eating good source of fats like seeds, nuts and clean peanut-butter will  help you to feel full and satisfied. this can help you to stay away from eating and keeping you calories checked..


  • Allow us to move and regulates our mood.
    Fats provide transportation for all kind of goods in our body. Things like hormones.  That’s why someone who is on a rigorous diet/low body fat has less sex drive, feels down/week or can be often in a bad mood.


I think these are enough reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of eating fat and get more fat into your diet instead. the thing you should left out of your diet is SUGAR! I will definitely write a blog about sugar. If you like this blog, consider subscribe to may mailing list to stay updated and get deals and other great stuff.


Tips & Tricks

How To Get That Bad Smell Out Of Your Protein Shaker?

That’s one stinky protein shaker.

The moment I’m done with my training my brain shifts into all the other things I have to do that day. Do you know that moment you are getting ready to hit the gym and you open your gym bag and “JEEEEZZ”, that oder reaches your nose…… You totally forgot to empty your bag last night! It’s moist and for SOME it’s smelly too…

What I hate the most is when I open the side compartment and find my shaker with a bit of protein shake still in.  You know already it’s going to stink bad…Well here on Curacao, with temperatures around 31/32 degrees Celsius, you can imagine how fast thing go bad here. The moment you open that shaker up, it’s like all your neighbours came by and take a dumb at your place. That smell penetrates the shaker and it’s difficult to wash out just using dish soap.


Cleaning Your Shaker!

Well I came home a day and found that my girlfriend filled all my shakers with water and left them on the kitchen table. She never did this before so I was a bit curious why she did it. The moment I came closer I felt this strong smell of vinegar and asked her where does that smell come from. She told me it’s the water in the shakers on the kitchen table. I was surprised and didn’t understand…. The only thing she said was you are going to thank me tomorrow.. I answered “yeah Right” ! Well sure enough, the next day I was thanking her big time because all my shakers were smelling like brand new again. Don’t ask how she knows about this or where she found out about it but I was super thankful. Since then I’ve doing this… It works like magic!


Boiled water with vinegar will do the trick!

Boil water and fill up your shaker with warm water and add in a bit of white vinegar. I’ve tried apple cider vinegar once and that worked pretty good as well but not as good as white vinegar. Let the shaker sit the whole night. The next day you will get your shaker, wash it and when you are done, put it at your nose and inhale as hard as possible..It should smell like new again.




I applaud you, but I could never give up meat! That’s the first reaction I get when people find out that I don’t eat meat. The second reaction is: so, are you vegan? “No, i’m not”. Vegetarian? “Neither”.

“A vegetarian diet is commonly understood to forbid meat and fish, but to allow both eggs and dairy. Nowadays you have different types of vegetarians. The word vegan takes this concept to the next level, cutting out every item of animal origin. Vegan refers to anything that’s free of animal products: no meat, milk, eggs, wool, leather, honey and so forth. Your sandwich, your shampoo, clothes, shoes, make-up and your car seats are examples of items that could be vegan”. Click here for the source.


I consider myself a conscious eater and as I’ve mentioned before, my diet is 80% plantbased.
I have done, and am still doing a lot of research on nutrition and the human body in general.

So far I’ve concluded that the best way to live a longlasting healthy lifestyle is to listen to your body. Your body will give you different signals about your health status. Your skin, hair, nails, urine and natural body odor are a few indicators of what’s going on on the inside. Pay attention to the way you feel after a certain meal or drink. Your food combinations are also very important. Do you feel bloated, tired or  nauseous? Is your hair very dry or falling out? Do you have ashy skin or brittle nails? These are ways your body communicates with you. Keep track of all this, do your research and start changing your diet.


Our body and environment change constantly, that’s why in my opinion, there is no such thing as a long lasting mealplan or diet. You’ll have to experiment and adjust along the way.

I am not the one to tell people that they should or shouldn’t eat meat. But the third question I usually get is: how did you stop eating meat?

Well, I didn’t stop eating meat overnight. I still eat (organic) chicken or fish from time to time.
I stopped eating red meat and pork in 2012 because of the lack of nutritional benefits and the way the bio-industry operates nowadays. Your mindset is the most important thing when changing habits. What’s your intention? The answer to that question has to be one that will convince you to stand by your decision.

Here are a few tips to help you lower your meat intake.

  • When you eat a plate full of chicken wings or legs try to think of the amount of chickens that had to die in order for you to consume that meal; 8 chicken wings equals 4 chickens. It may sound ridiculous, but just think about this: if you had your own little organic chicken farm at home, how many chickens would you kill in order to survive and keep your farm going? Exactly! You would probably eat 1 chicken at the time and it would last you up to 2 days. So next time you go to the supermarket you could make a more conscious choice and buy 1 entire chicken instead of a box of chicken wings or legs.
  • If you are not capable of slaughtering the animal yourself, you probably should not eat it (that’s my rule of thumb). Or at least be aware of the life that was offered to provide you with food. This is the way our ancestors dealt with their food.
  • Nowadays a lot of people think that the meat in the grocery store had no face or life. That it just magically appeared in the store. Well, it didn’t just appear, it used to be a living animal. I am convinced that if we become more conscious about this fact, we would not be wasting so much food.

Five years ago I decided that I would only eat what I think is best for my body to function properly. Yes, I do eat foods that are not considered healthy (churros and potato chips are my guilty pleasures) but still very consciously. I am aware of every bite and sip I take; i know what I put into my body and I hold myself responsible for everything I consume. 


I hope this information will bring you a step closer to living a balanced lifestyle. Don’t hestitate to contact me.








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Dirty Gym Alert

Do you know that moment you are at the gym and you are killing your workout, you are sweating massively and for some reason you swipe of your face with your dirty hand? Panic Alert!!!! My girlfriend, Jonid, knows I make no jokes when it comes to dirty hands close to my face, and no, this is no diva behaviour. This is going to be my 16th year training in a gym / fitness facility so I have seen lots of dirty things… Okay, rewind! That’s NOT (!) what I meant!  You and your dirty mind, stay focused. What I’m talking about are smelly dudes not using towels, not washing hands after visiting the toilet and going straight back to the machines! But the worst part, THEY DON’T CLEAN THE MACHINES AFTER, leaving all kind of juices behind, Jikes!

How dirty is your local gym?

This infographic will give you a better understanding how nasty it can be.. SO

  • Bring a towel
  • Bad body odour is not pleasant, take care of this.
  • Wash hands after toilet visits.
  • Defitnely DO NOT re-use dirty gym clothes. Wash them first!
  • Avoid touching your face whenever you are at your local gym.
  • Remove wet clothes and take a shower as soon as possible.
  • Bonus Tip. Be kind for your significant other by hanging your dirty, wet, stinky gym clothes outside when you get home.


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Changing your diet versus Friends and Family

I am currently traveling through the U.S and my first stop is New York City. I am spending my time enjoying all the nice things this thriving city has to offer. Such as great museums, delicious food, awesome singers in the subways and gorgeous architecture. Since I’m not willing to pay a fortune to stay in hotels I tried Airbnb – first time ever – and I absolutely love it. People letting you stay in their homes and trusting you with their personal items and space is an act of courage these days.

During my stay at my first Airbnb I had the honour to meet one of these couragious human beings, Freddie. We got along pretty well as we talked about life in general, tavelling, health(issues), nutrition and books (yes I know, Nerd Alert!). Of course I had to show him a video about our beautiful Island Curacao, with an invitation to come visit any time.

Besides being awesome and couragious, Freddie is a writer, broadway actor, health coach, certified personal trainer and a proud cancer survivor. He has his own website and during my stay he wrote a great article about the reactions you’ll most likely get from friends and family when changing your diet.

Since I can totally relate to this article I’m sharing it with you. Click here to read.


Have fun reading it.






The Fittest Mindset Podcast With Dietician Rachna Blom

In this week episode of  The Fittest Mindset Podcast, we talk with Dietician Rachna Blom on the huge obesity and diabetic problem we are coping with on the island of Curacao.



  • Nutrition, strategies and why it’s always changing at such a high speed.
  • Paleo diet.
  • Atkins diet.
  • Nutrition Education at local schools.
  • What are macronutritiens and why they are so important.
  • Vegan / vegetarian.

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Foodie Festivals

Being a foodie, going to food festivals is my jam.

In the past few years the amount of food festivals and culinary experiences on this beautiful island have grown exponentially and I absolutely love it!

My ultimate favorite food festival so far is the Curaçao Vegan Food Fest held at Hofi Cas Cora. I am not a Vegan but the majority (80%) of my diet is plant based. It makes me so happy seeing people try vegan foods and actually liking them. In my experience people always leave with a smile on their face because they had the courage to try new foods, learned new things and enjoyed the new experience.


I think that we should do more of that as a society.

As a health-conscious foodie I always do some research before I go to a food festival. The amount of food can be overwhelming and sometimes I don’t even know where to start. This way I know what to expect.

Handy tips to enhance your food festival experience:


  1. The golden rule: never ever go to a food festival on an empty stomach.
    You’ll overeat and end up feeling bloated, uncomfortable and guilty about the amount of food you ate and the money you spent. 

    I’ll have some light meals – soup or salad- during the day and I make sure my last meal is consumed 2 hours before I go to the festival.


  2. Who are the vendors and what do they offer?
    Usually the organizer will publih the menu’s on social media beforehand. If so, you can select the foods and drinks you want to try out and make a budget. Now you have your own “little” menu and you know exactly what you’ll eat and spend.I also like to include in my plan some foods to bring home so I can enjoy them the next day! 
  3. Have a nice chat with the vendors.
    These festivals give you the opportunity to talk with the people who cooked/prepared the foods. Show interest in whatever they are offering: ask them how they made the foods, what inspired them and what ingredients they used. Having these positive encounters with the people that prepared your food definitely enhances the festival experience.I often ask the vendors for their profiles on social media so I can show them some support.
  4. Enjoy your food and drinks.
    During food festivals you’ll walk around a lot. When you purchase something, find yourself a nice spot to sit down to relax and enjoy your food and/or drink and surroundings. Enjoy the moment, that’s what its all about!I love to enjoy my food by guessing what the ingredients are and imagining myself making the same meals at home.
  5. Try new things!
    Try things you never had before. What’s the point of going if you eat the same things you always have. There is nothing better than trying new things and enjoying them. Even if it’s a new drink,just go for it!
    I recently bought into the “Gin” hype at a food tasting experience and although I’m not a regular alcohol drinker I enjoyed the new experience!

I’m sure that you will have a blast at your next food festival following these tips and I hope to see you soon at a food(ie) festival.

Don’t hestitate to walk up to me and say hi!


Lots of love,