How To Get That Bad Smell Out Of Your Protein Shaker?

That’s one stinky protein shaker.

The moment I’m done with my training my brain shifts into all the other things I have to do that day. Do you know that moment you are getting ready to hit the gym and you open your gym bag and “JEEEEZZ”, that oder reaches your nose…… You totally forgot to empty your bag last night! It’s moist and for SOME it’s smelly too…

What I hate the most is when I open the side compartment and find my shaker with a bit of protein shake still in.  You know already it’s going to stink bad…Well here on Curacao, with temperatures around 31/32 degrees Celsius, you can imagine how fast thing go bad here. The moment you open that shaker up, it’s like all your neighbours came by and take a dumb at your place. That smell penetrates the shaker and it’s difficult to wash out just using dish soap.


Cleaning Your Shaker!

Well I came home a day and found that my girlfriend filled all my shakers with water and left them on the kitchen table. She never did this before so I was a bit curious why she did it. The moment I came closer I felt this strong smell of vinegar and asked her where does that smell come from. She told me it’s the water in the shakers on the kitchen table. I was surprised and didn’t understand…. The only thing she said was you are going to thank me tomorrow.. I answered “yeah Right” ! Well sure enough, the next day I was thanking her big time because all my shakers were smelling like brand new again. Don’t ask how she knows about this or where she found out about it but I was super thankful. Since then I’ve doing this… It works like magic!


Boiled water with vinegar will do the trick!

Boil water and fill up your shaker with warm water and add in a bit of white vinegar. I’ve tried apple cider vinegar once and that worked pretty good as well but not as good as white vinegar. Let the shaker sit the whole night. The next day you will get your shaker, wash it and when you are done, put it at your nose and inhale as hard as possible..It should smell like new again.


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