Living a conscious and balanced life, that is what I strive for and work on every single day!

By living conscious I mean being aware of what I put into my body, what I feed my mind and what impact I have on the outside world.   I have learnt that in order to live a healthy lifestyle you must be willing to educate yourself constantly and truly believe that you can change your life for the better.

Ask yourself this: what does a healthy lifestyle mean to me and how can I start working towards my goals?
With that same question I started my lifelong health journey in 2012. I was a fervent meat eater with a preference for pork, junk food and salty snacks. I drank a lot of juice and I always had a lame excuse to skip the gym.  I was not aware of what I was putting into my body. I was tired, constipated, bloated and uncomfortable for the majority of the time. I kept buying new clothes as my waistline expanded.

The ongoing circle of frustration! 

I was desperate to change my lifestyle, but I wanted to work on a way of life I could maintain and remain comfortable with. Achieving your personal goals should be interesting and fun. No diets, no gimmicks, no shortcuts; just good nutrition and exercise. I did not want to “jojo” my way through life anymore.

Good and nutritious food, fun exercises and being in complete control of my choices. That’s what I focused on.   I was aware that in order to maintain a healthy relationship with my body, it was a must to have a healthy relationship with food. It may sound cliché, but you really are what you eat and your body will treat you exactly the way you treat it.

Think about this: if you want to have a better relationship with someone, you probably would make the effort to know them better by asking them questions about themselves. What kind of personality am I dealing with? What is the added value of this person to my life and society in general? Isn’t that what we want to know in order to decide if the relationship is worthwhile? 

The same approach can be used for the way you treat your body.

Where does my food come from, what are the benefits of exercise, what does e healthy lifestyle mean for my body and the environment? These were some of the questions that lead me to a healthier lifestyle.

Clearly the definition of “healthy” is widely subjective for the most part. When do you feel healthy and when are you healthy? These are questions that keep scientists, nutritionist and doctors busy every day and are worth exploring.

I surely don’t have all the answers. I am neither a nutritionist nor a dietitian. I am a so called Foodie from dushi Curacao, who enjoys making healthy choices by reading articles and books, watching documentaries, learning from other health promoters and by experimenting with delicious food and fun exercises.  

I will gladly share my lifestyle with you and I truly believe that I can motivate you into a more conscious and balanced lifestyle!

Lots of love,





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