Foodie Festivals

Being a foodie, going to food festivals is my jam.

In the past few years the amount of food festivals and culinary experiences on this beautiful island have grown exponentially and I absolutely love it!

My ultimate favorite food festival so far is the Curaçao Vegan Food Fest held at Hofi Cas Cora. I am not a Vegan but the majority (80%) of my diet is plant based. It makes me so happy seeing people try vegan foods and actually liking them. In my experience people always leave with a smile on their face because they had the courage to try new foods, learned new things and enjoyed the new experience.


I think that we should do more of that as a society.

As a health-conscious foodie I always do some research before I go to a food festival. The amount of food can be overwhelming and sometimes I don’t even know where to start. This way I know what to expect.

Handy tips to enhance your food festival experience:


  1. The golden rule: never ever go to a food festival on an empty stomach.
    You’ll overeat and end up feeling bloated, uncomfortable and guilty about the amount of food you ate and the money you spent. 

    I’ll have some light meals – soup or salad- during the day and I make sure my last meal is consumed 2 hours before I go to the festival.


  2. Who are the vendors and what do they offer?
    Usually the organizer will publih the menu’s on social media beforehand. If so, you can select the foods and drinks you want to try out and make a budget. Now you have your own “little” menu and you know exactly what you’ll eat and spend.I also like to include in my plan some foods to bring home so I can enjoy them the next day! 
  3. Have a nice chat with the vendors.
    These festivals give you the opportunity to talk with the people who cooked/prepared the foods. Show interest in whatever they are offering: ask them how they made the foods, what inspired them and what ingredients they used. Having these positive encounters with the people that prepared your food definitely enhances the festival experience.I often ask the vendors for their profiles on social media so I can show them some support.
  4. Enjoy your food and drinks.
    During food festivals you’ll walk around a lot. When you purchase something, find yourself a nice spot to sit down to relax and enjoy your food and/or drink and surroundings. Enjoy the moment, that’s what its all about!I love to enjoy my food by guessing what the ingredients are and imagining myself making the same meals at home.
  5. Try new things!
    Try things you never had before. What’s the point of going if you eat the same things you always have. There is nothing better than trying new things and enjoying them. Even if it’s a new drink,just go for it!
    I recently bought into the “Gin” hype at a food tasting experience and although I’m not a regular alcohol drinker I enjoyed the new experience!

I’m sure that you will have a blast at your next food festival following these tips and I hope to see you soon at a food(ie) festival.

Don’t hestitate to walk up to me and say hi!


Lots of love,








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