You Really Need To Eat Fat. Stop Being Afraid

Panic Alert! Make sure you are seated and have an AED next to you before you read this blog post.

We all have heard it before… Eating fat will make you fat, avoid fatty meals, fat is bad for you bladi bladi bla.. Well let me explain this to you.. You will not get fat by eating fat.. ok till a certain extent. If you eat fried food every day, not even a magician can help you… YOUR ASS WILL GROW, not on a good way though.. Excessive calories will make you fat.

Our Body Needs Fats to Function properly.

Fat plays a very important role in our body. Not only does it provide the greatest amount of energy for most of our life functions. It also helps us to stay warm, keeps our nerves and brains to function as needed. There are so many benefits of eating good source (mostly plant based) and animal fat.


Some benefits of fat:

  • Fat provides us with a huge source of energy.
    Each gram of fat contains 9 grams of calories while 1 gram of protein and carbs contains only 4 calories. Your body will store fats so it can use it as an energy source later when this is needed.


  • Fat provides flavor
    There is a reason that tasty meat in a restaurant have a good piece of fat on it. Not only helps the fat to keep the meat tender but it’s also give the meat a richer yummy taste. The marketing department of food companies are doing great job of marketing products as No – or Less Fat, but one thing most of us don’t know is that when they lower the fat that the taste also changes and that they have to put more sugar or other kind of sweetener to enrich the taste of the product.


  • Keeps our brain and nerves to function properly.
    Our brain contains a huge amount of essential fats. Also fats are part of Myelin, a fatty product that wrap around our nerves that send


  • Transport of vitamin A, D, E and K.
    Those vitamins need to be bound to fat in order for our bodies to absorb them. Fat “acts as a train and the only transportation vehicle these vitamins can take to reach their destination. these are essential vitamins and being deficient in any will punish your health.


  • Keeps you full.
    Eating good source of fats like seeds, nuts and clean peanut-butter will  help you to feel full and satisfied. this can help you to stay away from eating and keeping you calories checked..


  • Allow us to move and regulates our mood.
    Fats provide transportation for all kind of goods in our body. Things like hormones.  That’s why someone who is on a rigorous diet/low body fat has less sex drive, feels down/week or can be often in a bad mood.


I think these are enough reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of eating fat and get more fat into your diet instead. the thing you should left out of your diet is SUGAR! I will definitely write a blog about sugar. If you like this blog, consider subscribe to may mailing list to stay updated and get deals and other great stuff.


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