Changing your diet versus Friends and Family

I am currently traveling through the U.S and my first stop is New York City. I am spending my time enjoying all the nice things this thriving city has to offer. Such as great museums, delicious food, awesome singers in the subways and gorgeous architecture. Since I’m not willing to pay a fortune to stay in hotels I tried Airbnb – first time ever – and I absolutely love it. People letting you stay in their homes and trusting you with their personal items and space is an act of courage these days.

During my stay at my first Airbnb I had the honour to meet one of these couragious human beings, Freddie. We got along pretty well as we talked about life in general, tavelling, health(issues), nutrition and books (yes I know, Nerd Alert!). Of course I had to show him a video about our beautiful Island Curacao, with an invitation to come visit any time.

Besides being awesome and couragious, Freddie is a writer, broadway actor, health coach, certified personal trainer and a proud cancer survivor. He has his own website and during my stay he wrote a great article about the reactions you’ll most likely get from friends and family when changing your diet.

Since I can totally relate to this article I’m sharing it with you. Click here to read.


Have fun reading it.





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